The Cities Program Takes a Tour of Hartford

On Saturday, September 7, the new cohort of the Cities Program (class of 2023) took a tour of Hartford. The group first stopped at Colt Park, where Prof. Myers led the students on a walking tour of the park, highlighting a site on Wawarme Ave that is believed to have been visited by the spirit of the Virgin Mary as an example of the tension between the City’s intended purpose for the roadside site and the cultural and spiritual importance of the site to some of the residents of Hartford. After walking past the revitalizing factory, the group returned to the bus to head to downtown.

In downtown, the group walked around Constitution Plaza, learning about Trinity’s foothold at 10 Constitution Plaza, the site of the Liberal Arts Action Lab. After a coffee break at Spectra Wired Cafe, the group embarked on a bus tour of Albany and Prospect Avenues.

The next stop was KNOX’s Hartford headquarters and the site of their main urban farm. Gabby led the group on a tour of the farm, speaking about the different food and farming organizations in Hartford. After a walk down Park Street where Prof. Gamble spoke about the CT Fastrak Parkville stop, the group ate lunch at Brazil Grill.