Summer Research Grants From CUGS

CUGS awards a number of student research and engagement grants each year. Check out the full list of 2019 awardees below:

“I used my research grant to look at the survival strategies utilized by residents of de-industrialized towns like Kolar, the interpersonal dynamics industrialization has altered within the family unit, and the role proximal urban centers play in the alteration of these dynamics.” -Nayantara Ghosh ’22, Kelter and Grossman Grants Recipient

“This project tested my resourcefulness and resilience in rural Cambodia, a place previously unfamiliar to me, but for a cause I’m deeply familiar with – supporting children and education. Moreover, this project actualized my ability to champion the growth of sustainable communities, thereby providing me invaluable experience for my intended lifetime of work dedicated to fostering peace.” -Jessica Duong ’19, Davis Projects for Peace Grant Recipient

Tanaka Asia Research Fund

Gavin Xu ’21 “Responsible Parties? A comparative Case Study of the Organization of and Competition between the KMT and the DPP in the Cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung”

Chang Gao ’21 “Filtered Beauty and Nationalism in Contemporary China: A Case Study in Chengdu”

Divina Lama ’21 Examining the relationship between Nepal’s 2015 constitution and its ethnic groups

Kelter Urban Studies Endowment Fund

Nayantara Ghosh ’22 (also receiving Grossman funds) The political and sociological effects of industrial decline in Kolar, India

Grossman Global Studies Fund

Dilan Kurt ’20 The lived experience of Kurds in Turkey

Yisbell Marrero ’20 Comparative study of the empowerment of women in the Caribbean

Bukosia Odongo ’20 (also receiving Thomas funds) Exploring the way China-Uganda information and communication technology pathways affect urban landscapes in Uganda

Davis Projects for Peace

Digesh Chitrakar ’22 Awareness: A step toward abolishing chhaupadi in Nepal

Jessica Duong ’19 and Josh Carbo ’19 Fostering Play in Bech Khlok, Cambodia

Thomas Urban China Fund

Alex Chu ’22 Ancient Urban Design in Beijing under the Ming Dynasty

Xi Wang ’21 City Walls in Nanjing: Witness of Past and Present