In 1996, Trinity inaugurated ​The Cities Program, a special curricular option for select entering students who are interested in making the study of cities – past, present, and future – an important part of their liberal arts experience. The Cities Program views cities from a broad range of perspectives in the humanities and social sciences, drawing on insights from history, architectural history, literary and cultural studies, anthropology, economics, environmental science, geography, politics, sociology, and urban planning, among other fields.   It balances a strong emphasis on older cities in the United States and Europe with a timely attention to rapid urbanization elsewhere, especially the explosive growth of megacities (e.g., Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Shanghai) in the developing world.

In partnership with the Office of Study Away, the Cities Program connects the study of Hartford with opportunities to explore cities across the globe—including Rome, Barcelona, and Cape Town, where Trinity College hosts its own study-away programs. Students in the Cities Program may also take advantage of shorter summer programs focusing on urban issues through research projects, experiential learning, and internship opportunities.

Over the last few years, while some of the Program’s students have gone on to major in Urban Studies, launched in fall 2013, others have moved on to major in Art History, Economics, Engineering, English, Environmental Science, History, International Studies, Political Science, Public Policy and Law, Sociology, and the Natural Sciences as well.​

Going forward, The Cities Program is well positioned to continue as an integral, synergistic component of the College’s core commitment to offering our excellent undergraduates the very best of the liberal arts tradition, as “a city-based liberal arts college with a global reach.”