Metro Hartford Progress Points

Information is essential to creating roadmaps. Too little information, you’re lost. Too much, your head spins. Just the right amount, delivered well, and you’ll quickly find your destination.
Organizations in Greater Hartford have for years sought a way to focus attention on the region’s challenges and opportunities to create that roadmap. It is a heavy lift – too heavy for almost any individual organization – to sort through the available information, identify what’s useful, and share it in a way that gets people to notice it, understand it, and take action because of it.
But these groups have found a way. The roadmap for Greater Hartford is here now – it exists.
Metro Hartford Progress Points, driven by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and the result of a collaboration between nine stakeholders representing local government, businesses, nonprofits, academic and philanthropic institutions and organizations, is a highly readable, comprehensive document that highlights the region’s core challenges.