CHIN 150: Conversational Chinese in Silk Road Cities

This course aims to build students’ basic skills in spoken Chinese with emphases on survival phrases and effective discussions. Only students in the Summer Program are allowed to enroll in this course. Students with advanced Chinese language may be exempted from this class with the permission of the instructor. This course does not count toward the […]

URST/HIST 313: Silk Road Cities

The Silk Road stimulated and connected the growth of cities between China and Europe as trading posts and resting places. These mostly overland cities or towns created long-distance connections between national and local histories, cultures, religions, and ethnic groups across borders. While some of these past connections have been eroded by shifted political boundaries, a […]

Thinking About Cities

This first-year seminar introduces Cities Program students to how a representative group of writers and artists have reflected upon urban life since 1800. Sources include texts from fiction and nonfiction, and works in the visual arts, music and film from a diverse variety of cultures. Topics include the growth of cities and urban cultures; views […]

Urban Research Practicum

This research seminar is designed to prepare students for conducting urban research, in Hartford or in any city. The course will include an in-depth survey of methods and approaches in the field. Students will develop research proposals and conduct research projects for term papers. The seminar is geared both for seniors working to produce honors […]

Hist Urbanism Eastern Europe

This course will examine the economic, social, and cultural history of East European urban development during the medieval and early modern periods. We will focus on local governance, urban landscape and planning, social and educational institutions, commercial and artisan activities, religious and ethnic communities, and a new type of citizen: the burgher. To better understand […]

Hartford: Past and Present

Since Dutch fur traders arrived in the 1610s, Hartford and its region have been part of many core themes in American urban history. This course examines Hartford’s rise as a financial and manufacturing center from the 1800s to early 1900s; the roles played by ethnicity, gender, religion, race and social class in urban and suburban […]