The Struggle for Civil Rights

African Americans and their allies have long struggled to win equal rights and equal opportunities in America. We will examine the course of that struggle in the twentieth century, focusing primarily on the period 1950-1968. We will consider questions of urbanization, employment, racism, politics, violence, non-violence, Black Power and the notion of “race blindness.” The […]

The City as Work of Art

From ancient Athens and Rome to modern Paris, cities have been prime sites for cultural, artistic, and architectural production. Using case studies of such cities as Athens, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, New York, and Chicago, the course will examine high moments of cultural and historic achievement from the fifth century BCE […]


In this course, we will examine the history and culture of cycling and its role in creating smart and sustainable cities. Cycling is also an integral part of the modern history of Hartford, the U.S. capital of bicycle production from 1880-1910. Using Hartford as a case in point, we will consider how cycling can positively […]

Theory&Appl of Geograph Info S

A lecture/lab course that focuses on the theory and application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using the ESRI ArcGIS software package. ArcGIS is a powerful mapping tool that facilitates the compilation, analysis and presentation of spatial data for a wide variety of disciplines including the natural and social sciences and any other field that uses […]

Pacific Asia Fall&Resurg

Although the prospect for many developing economics has been very dim, economics in East Asia have thrived since 1945. The next century is likely to be the Pacific century. The most recent evidence of this possibility comes from China, the awakening giant with enormous potential. In an era of accelerating integration and globalization, it is […]

Urban Policy/Politics America

This course focuses on the development of urban policies and politics and their impact on urban America. Adopting both a historical and contemporary perspective on these issues will help us understand how the historical development of cities and specific policy choices shaped the urban problems and conflicts we see today. We will also study how […]