Thinking About Cities

This first-year seminar introduces Cities Program students to how a representative group of writers and artists have reflected upon urban life since 1800. Sources include texts from fiction and nonfiction, and works in the visual arts, music and film from a diverse variety of cultures. Topics include the growth of cities and urban cultures; views […]

Writing about Places

This class is a workshop for students interested in writing about “place”, which can refer to nature, rooms, buildings, streets, public squares, landscapes, towns, cities, countries, or any physical worlds.

From Hartford to World Cities

The 21st century is truly a global urban age characterized by the simultaneous decline and revival of post-industrial cities in the United States and the co-existence of boom and poverty in the rapidly industrializing cities in developing countries, as well as by how globalization is exerting a growing impact on urban places and processes everywhere. […]

The American City

The course examines the evolution of American cities since the early 19th century, from early, dense centers of commerce and manufacturing to complex, sprawling metropolitan regions. It pays particular attention to Hartford as an example. Major topics include the impact of technological and economic change, attempts to control and guide development, immigration, conflicts among groups, […]

Intro to Urban Studies

This course provides a general introduction to the interdisciplinary field of urban studies. Using a variety of Western and non-Western cities as illustrative examples, the course aims to give a broad survey and understanding of the distinctive characteristics of urban places. Students will learn definitions, concepts, and theories that are fundamental to the field. Topics […]