Shafqat Hussain is trained in social and political ecology and is interested in understanding how human societies and environment shape each other. He is particularly interested in how geo-political and intellectual changes effect the perception of nature, and human society’s relationship with it. Shafqat’s research is based in South and Central Asia, focusing on how local marginal communities and outside players interact with the environment of the region, and what role the region has in world history.  Shafqat’s teaching philosophy is based on evoking a sense of curiosity among the student which inspires them to be effective learners. For this reason he believes that learning involves not simply seeking answers to difficult questions, but rather insisting on asking challenging and intriguing questions. For Shafqat classroom teaching should, as far as possible, be grounded in real world experience, to which end he endeavours to supplement his teaching in the classroom with relevant field visits.