Rachel Moskowitz is an Assistant Professor in the Public Policy & Law Program. Her research lies at the intersection of public policy, political behavior and public opinion, race politics, and urban politics. In her current projects, using survey, experimental, and qualitative research, Professor Moskowitz studies educational issues in a variety of political environments to understand how the public understands these questions within the context of both race and competing political values like equality and community.

Professor Moskowitz earned her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Political Science and received her B.A. from Grinnell College. Before graduate school, she worked as a social studies teacher in Richmond, CA through Teach for America. She also worked as a legislative clerk in the Iowa House of Representatives and as a field organizer for a presidential campaign.

Professor Moskowitz’s primary approach in the classroom is to address important and complex substantive political and policy issues. She then helps students learn how social science theories, analysis, and methods can help one explore and answer these tough questions. She aims to help students develop as critical and active thinkers for both the classroom and the political world.