Linda Tabar holds a PhD from the Department of Political and International Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She has taught at the Women and Gender Studies Institute in the University of Toronto. Her research is situated at the intersections of Middle East studies, transnational feminist studies and international studies. She is working on a book manuscript entitled Palestine, Memory, Conquest: Native Encounters with Modernity and Imaginaries of Liberation.  The study examines the way Palestinians sift through the memories of colonization overtime, and sheds new light on the depth of anti-colonial thought, and the decolonizing imaginaries and practices that are enacted in everyday life, artistic and political realms. Professor Tabar is co-editing a forthcoming edition of Decolonization: Indigenity, Education & Society on Decolonization and Palestine that revisits past and present relationships between the Palestine and other indigenous liberation struggles, black internationalist, feminist and anti-imperialist movements.