Krista Ehlert is the current Thomas McKenna Meredith ’48 Predoctoral Fellow in the Environmental Science Program. Her expertise is in applied plant and community ecology, with emphasis on understanding and manipulating the mechanisms of invasion to restore communities degraded by invasive plants. She has specifically focused on ecologically based management, placing importance on novel restoration methods such as soil amendments, biological control, and integrated management. Krista did her graduate work at Montana State University where she studied the implications of ecologically based management for Bromus tectorum, a winter annual grass that negatively impacts the Intermountain West.

Krista is committed to being a well-rounded researcher as well as an educator with a theoretical and philosophical teaching background. Her philosophy of teaching is focused on a “learning ecosystem,” with inputs such as the students themselves, teachers, and the institution. Krista encourages deep learning through the use of student-centered learning and active learning strategies, which develop students’ higher order thinking skills.