Irene Papoulis is interested in all aspects of writing, from the composing process, to writer’s block, to the differences among the myriad genres of writing, to the problems and delights of revision. Her academic interests include psychological and other approaches to the teaching of writing, creative nonfiction, genre studies, gender issues, contemplative practices in the classroom, and Visual Thinking Strategies. A former co-chair of the National Council of Teachers of English’s Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, she has organized various national conferences, workshops, and panels on such subjects as Emotions in Teaching, The Believing Game as a Method of Thinking, and Contemplative Practices in Education. She also works as a consultant with high school and college teachers through the Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard College, and is involved with the Trinity College Hartford Magnet Academy.

Papoulis is also fascinated by writing in the public sphere, and writes occasional opeds for the Hartford Courant. She sometimes appears as a Friday panelist on the Colin McEnroe Show, broadcast on Connecticut’s Public Radio.