Donald Chapman is a Principal Planner with the City of Hartford Planning Division,
Department of Development Services where he is responsible for the implementation the
City’s zoning regulations as they affect development projects. Donald is a professional
planner with over 30 years of development planning experience.
Donald has worked both in government and in the private sector consulting on
development projects in Los Angeles, California and Hartford, Connecticut. His
experience extends from deciphering and developing land use controls to governmental

Donald started his planning career in Los Angeles, California as a legislative aide to City
Council where he was responsible for expediting the entitlement process for city realestate
development projects. He gained further technical experience with stints in Los
Angeles’ sprawling Planning Department and several “boutique” Land Use/Planning
consultancies until he formed Chapman Consulting in 1990.
To deepen his development experience, Donald left planning at various points in his
career to manage commercial enterprises and nonprofits to include Walmart Stores,
Amerisuites Hotels, Starbucks Coffee Company and the City of Hartford Housing
Authority’s Hartford Community Construction Company.

There, Donald was responsible for development, staffing and organizational
management. These unique experiences broadened his understanding of development
needs and impacts. His experiences in the public and private sector give him unique
advantages when negotiating with government and/or commercial developers. Site
massing, building location, use selection and entitlement processing are areas frequently
discussed where his expertise can be applied. Donald holds a degree in Policy Studies
from Dartmouth College