Dario Del Puppo is Professor of Language and Culture Studies. Besides teaching all levels of Italian language, he teaches courses on Dante’s Divine Comedy, surveys of Italian literature from the Middle Ages to the present, Food in Italian History, Society, & Art, and Italian Cinema. He also co-teaches first year seminars on Food, Fitness, and the Journey to Self-Discovery and Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford.

His research deals with the manuscripts and early printed books of Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature and, more broadly, with popular and material culture in Italy during the 14th-16th centuries. More recently, he has written about food history and culture. He has a longstanding research interest in the Romantic poet, Giacomo Leopardi.

He is also Chairman of the Barbieri Endowment for Italian Culture which organizes lectures, exhibits, and performances dealing with all facets of Italian culture.