Urban Studies Program Letter and Resources To Students Regarding the Murder of George Floyd

The following letter was emailed to our urban studies students on June 5, 2020. Dear students, We, the Urban Studies Program at Trinity College, write today to express our solidarity with those communities peacefully protesting the murder of George Floyd and we would like to add our voices to their call for an end to […]

Friday 6th March 2020: Workshop Understanding Revitalization, Diversity and Gentrification in New England Cities and Beyond

SESSION 1: DEFINING THE TERMS The panel discussion, Session 1: Defining the Terms, brought together the ideas of Myers, Marcuss, Davidson and Lukens. Setting the tone for the precedent of the workshop, the importance of having clarity on significant concepts that were fundamental to the discussions were realised both during this panel, and those that […]

Spring 2020 Note from the Directors

We hope that this newsletter reaches you in a safe and healthy place. What a strange semester we have had! We began our series of GVP talks, and we managed to hold our March 6 workshop on Revitalization, Diversity and Gentrification – one of the last public events at Trinity before the COVID-19 Pandemic upended […]


Lecture by PENN IP, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, DEPT. OF CULTURAL INDUSTRY AND MANAGEMENT AT SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY Professor Ip begun this week’s lecture highlighting that she had come from a background of cultural analysis, therefore, to approach this research effectively she had to learn how to conduct fieldwork. Ip demonstrated that the qualitative research associated […]

Tanzanikia Taylor ’23 and Hannah Ward ’20 Share their Experiences with CUGS

We had the opportunity to work closely this semester with two students. Among other things, they wrote awesome reflections on some of our Global Vantage Point Talks. Click any title below to read more: Breaking the Border: Experiences of Kurds in the Middle East, A talk by Savas Ergul Taking a Step to Promote Quality […]

Trinity Launches Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning

The graduate studies program at Trinity College, in partnership with the urban studies program, masters in public policy program, and Center for Urban and Global Studies, will launch a graduate certificate in urban planning for the fall 2020 semester. This program will be the first graduate program in urban planning in Connecticut. In a field […]

Winter 2019 Notes from the Directors

From the CUGS Director, Garth Myers CUGS has been a busy place this Fall. It is going to be even busier in Spring 2020! The Cities Program and Global Vantage Point Lecture Series have brought a lot of energy to 70 Vernon Street. Our Kelter Post-Doctoral Fellow Emily Yen, IIE-SRF visiting scholar Savas Ergul, program […]

China Summer 2020: A Tale of Two City-Regions

  The 2020 field course in China has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. The Center for Urban and Global Studies will run its field course in China for the 12th year in June 2020. This year’s trip will focus on “A Tale of Two Global City-Regions: Immigration and Innovation in Greater Shanghai and Shenzhen.” […]

GVP Lecture review: “Breaking the Border: Experiences of Kurds in the Middle East” Dr. Savaş Ergül, Visiting Scholar, Center for Urban and Global Studies

Our final GVPS Lecture of this semester’s series saw Dr. Savaş Ergül present Breaking the Border: Experiences of Kurds in the Middle East. Situating the history of Kurdish people, Ergül demonstrated the lived experiences of Kurdish people throughout Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. First interrogating the concept of borders as a place of violence, tragedy […]

GVPLS Lecture Review “Taking a Step to Promote Quality Education, Health, and Menstrual Hygiene in Accham, Nepal” Digesh Chitrakar ’22, Davis Projects for Peace Grant Recipient

Digesh Chitrakar’s GVPS Lecture, Taking a Step to Promote Quality Education, Health, and Menstrual Hygiene in Accham, Nepal, demonstrated the efforts made by Chitrakar and his peers to encourage menstrual education in the rural district of Accham, Nepal.   Before delving into the process and methods of the project, Chitrakar highlighted the importance of situating […]