Tanaka Research Fund

In 2002 Trinity was awarded a generous grant by the Tanaka Memorial Foundation establishing an endowed fund to allow students to pursue formal research projects abroad, with a special focus on Asia, during the months of July and August. Typically one grant, ranging from $3,000 to $4,000 in total, is awarded each year for the proposal deemed most feasible and relevant to the wider academic interests of the applicant.

Student projects funded in recent years include:

  • A study of ethnic Lhotshampa refugees in Nepal
  • An exploration of the consequenes of the One Child Policy in China
  • A study of the treatment of orphans in North and South Korea
  • An examination of women’s roles in Japan and China through the lens of women’s Olympic wrestling
  • An investigation of the social and economic impact of emigration on Fuzhounese villages in China
  • A first-hand study of the impact of large-scale transport infrastructure development leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics on subsequent commuting and residential life in Beijing, China

  *Check back for 2017 Tanaka Grant application instructions*

Questions about the student research fund should be directed to Professor Jeffrey Bayliss (x4018).

Review Committee

The review committee for the student research fund include:

  • Jeffrey Bayliss, Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of History (on leave)
  • Rieko Wagoner, Principal Lecturer in Japanese language
  • Xiangming Chen, Dean of the Center for Urban and Global Studies

Questions can be directed to Jane Switchenko at ext. 2629

Past Winners of the Tanaka Award