Seth Markle joined Trinity’s Department of History and International Studies Program in 2009.  He earned his B.A with honors from Tufts University (African Studies & English) in 2000. In 2011, he received his Ph.D. in History from New York University.  Seth’s A Motorcycle on Hell Run: Tanzania, Black Power and the Uncertain Future of Pan-Africanism, 1964-1974 is slated for publication in late 2016 (Michigan State University Press). He is also editing an oral history of hip hop in Tanzania and working on  creating a Hartford Hip Hop Archive.

Markle’s courses on Africa are taught through an interdisciplinary lens, with emphasis on the critical interrogation of personal memoirs, oral histories, film, fiction, photography and music.  In an effort to challenge the prevailing negative stereotypes and myths still associated with the peoples and cultures of the African continent, Markle seeks to impress upon his students the multi-layered dimensions of African agency and Africa’s historical contributions to the making of the modern world.

Professor Markle also serves as the faculty sponsor for Trinity-in-Cape Town program, a faculty affiliate to Trinity-in-Trinidad program, and Coordinator of the International Studies Program’s Africa concentration and the Interdisciplinary Minor in African Studies Minor. He is also the faculty advisor to Trinity’s annual International Hip Hop Festival.