A Farewell Message from Visting Scholar Savas Ergul

“In April of 2020,  I was accepted into the PAUSE Program at the University of Paris 8. The program provided me with the opportunity to study ‘political topology and place,’ specifically focusing on the work of French philosopher Alain Badiou, which was my original research project while I was applying to the program. My hope is that this program will allow me to eventually publish some of my own original work. Recently, one of my colleagues in Turkey and I wrote an article titled “Jacques Ranciére’s Politics Theatre,” which is set to be published this fall. I am also working with a number of exiled scholars who are members of The New University in Exile Consortium, a program directed by Arien Mack at The New School whose mission is to assist and empower academics and scholars who have been under attack around the world. The program has now been expanded to 19 universities across the United States, including Trinity College.

My fellowship at Trinity College has come to an end. I would like to bid farewell to everyone at Center for Urban and Global Studies. The faculty and staff at CUGS, including Professor Xiangming Chen, Professor Garth Myers, Jane Switchenko, and Gabby Nelson, right from the start, welcomed us warmly, made things easier for us, and have enabled me to do my research in a collegial and amicable environment. I cannot thank them enough — so glad to have known all of you. I would like to express my gratitude for all the staff of CUGS who gave me invaluable support. During my fellowship, I have also learned about a lot of fascinating topics and issues from The Global Vantage Point lectures, considering I am a scholar who teaches philosophy and have a nodding acquaintance with Urban issues. I am truly glad to have had the opportunity to talk in one of the Global Vantage Point lectures. Trinity College and CUGS will have a special place in my memory and heart. I would like to wish everyone every success in the future.”